Electrical Estimator

I come from a blue collar family – a long line of tradesmen. This fact finds its way into my work as a web designer, and it informs what I do as an electrical estimator. The job fulfils my love for organized problem solving and information design. There is a reallness to the construction industry. Tangible, useful things are built with great care and artistry.

Edmonton Poetry Festival – Webmaster

I love the term ‘webmaster’. I’ve been the admin behind the Edmonton Poetry Festival’s Website since 2008. I love the poetry community.

Speaking & Teaching

I pride myself on being an engaging, entertaining speaker and teacher. I have spoken at many conferences and events on topics related to the intersection of artists and the web. I’ve presented six three-week courses dealing with digital technology at ELLA, The Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association. Here’s a list of recent talks and presentations: