What's Yours is Mine

Your room service
is my Sheryl Crow fantasy
Your abeyance of responsibility
is my list of appurtenances
Your cynical take
is my pearl handle switchblade
Your herculean effort
is my catalog of cheat codes
Your bible
is my grey-market side hustle
Your oversized RayBans
are my double-crossed sidekicks
Your morning reverie
is my escape mask
Your hobo discard
is my neutral-zone hipcheck
Your meeting action item
is my old hash knife
Your friends and family pricing
is my Jimi Hendrix
Your night terrors
are my jeggings
Your older sister
is my salvaged lava lamp
Your charity
is my inauthentic corduroy
Your long weekend
is my oncoming lane double car pass
Your empty swear jar
is my mis-strung banjo
Your abandoned novel
is my detonated Pinto
Your pensive evening glance
is my razor strop
Your flat tire
is my head start