About Me

“Poetry is a characteristic of reality, echoing in every human tongue.”

Robert Bringhurst

Hello, my name is Michael Gravel and I’m a poet & writer living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’m working to increase understanding and empathy between people by bringing clarity, simplicity, and utility to all forms of human communication. In my day job, I lead a team of sales professionals at EWEL, an Edmonton-based electrical equipment distributor.

I believe that writing and language are humanity’s most powerful tools for affecting change. I believe that art, design, architecture, and poetry strive for the same ideal: to say the most with the least.

My poetry chapbooks include The Fast Places (2008), Corduroy Forecast (2010), and We Need You (2014). I was the frontman of the Raving Poets from 2003 – 2010. My other skills include poetic performance, event emceeing, lecturing, and teaching. My poetic influences include Carl Sagan, Jack Kerouac, and Dylan Thomas. When not digesting the day’s codswallop, I can be found writing & reading, drinking tea, and walking.


I enjoy all tea, but green teas and sencha are my favourites. My tea supplier of choice is Acquired Taste Tea in Edmonton. They sell a wide variety of finely blended teas with subtle, complex flavours. Favourites include coconut sencha, bamboo shoots, and relaxation sensation. I serve tea in an Iwachu cast iron teapot.

Site Notes

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