Hot rub for a tortured calf,
A red hot singer of tight blood,
An orator tipped for red vascular hot flush and
A wholesale quaver down the
bruised legs of the workout crew,
Engines of young seed,
scrolls of muscle.
The cupped flesh,
the rip and the tingle,
creation afterglow,
The old universe still young,
pipes for voices,
swimming pools for breath,
messy lovers all,
smokestacks coax lightning from skies,
runners bray into cross street steamed belch.
Their cloaks and sinew torn across the night,
a star for every crush,
a constellation for every mouth,
blue canvas for the rest.

anti steen phlog
anti breen clog
anti snope a keen
keen a anti slope
auntie spleen a rog
red cells delivering
shocked pants coming off
half burning in city house
all burning under moon half