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Things That Are Missing

An incomplete list of things that should still be around and more popular.

  • Cellphones with solid hardware buttons (i.e. old Nokia)
  • Devices with knobs and switches that don’t need to be “programmed”: Appliances, TVs, stereo equipment.
  • Wind up alarm clocks with bells
  • Plain stonewash straight leg jeans made with heavier denim with triple-stitched seams
  • Cars with exterior metal bumpers, two-knob stereos, and user-repairable/accessible parts
  • Handwritten letters
  • Goodyear welted oxfords (flat leather welt)
  • The sunday paper
  • Men with a code of honour
  • The simpler days of the web, before FB, Twitter, iPhone, app store. It was messier, but more honest.
  • Recipe cards for recipes
  • Marginalia
  • Waiting for stuff, and hunting around to buy music

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